This script prints data from a single NWAC telemetry site, a pair of sites, or concatenates data from all 30 current sites (2 of which are not linked from the NWAC website).
Data provided by Northwest Weather and Avalanche Center
PHP script by Amar Andalkar, October 2009   (current version 3.1.2 of 09 Feb 2016)

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NWAC data files last updated at 26-May-2016 05:26     (NOTE: All times in NWAC data are PST year-round!)
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Northwest Avalanche Center
Washington Department of Transportation
Chinook Pass, Washington

Wind gages unheated and may rime
Precip gage may record condensation
Precipitation gage not recording correctly, not heating

 MM/DD  Hour  Temp  Temp    RH    RH  Wind  Wind  Wind Equip  Hour Total Total
         PST     F     F     %     %   Avg   Max   Dir  Temp  Prec  Prec  Snow
             6240' 5500' 6240' 5500' 6240' 6240' 6240' 5500' 5500' 5500' 5500'

Total telemetry sites:   1
Total size of data files:   1,085 characters
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