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Downtown Chico, SR 32 at Main St

Elevation: 200 ft
KRCR-TV Chico SkyCam, in downtown Chico at City Plaza,
looking SE at the Chico Midtown Station Post Office

Elevation: 240 ft
East Chico Cam, just north of SR 32, looking west

Elevation: 400 ft
Cohasset Weather Cam, 15 miles NNE of Chico

Elevation: 3100 ft
Burnt Rock Ranch, just SW of Paradise on SR 191, distant view
of Sutter Buttes volcano in the Central Valley from 36 miles NNE

Elevation: 1200 ft
Bille Park in Paradise on SR 191, looking east

Elevation: 1750 ft
Magalia Weather, NE of Paradise on SR 191

Elevation: 2400 ft
Butte County Public Works Snow Cam,
at Firestation 33 in Magalia, NE of Paradise on SR 191

Elevation: 2470 ft
Oroville Skyline Cam, on Oroville-Quincy Hwy (SR 162),
4 miles east of Oroville, 2 miles south of Oroville Dam

Elevation: 800 ft
Bucks Lake, on Oroville-Quincy Hwy (FR 119),
13 miles WSW of Quincy

Elevation: 5160 ft
SR 70 / SR 89 Cam, at Greenville Wye,
10 miles north of Quincy

Elevation: 2856 ft
Spring Garden Cam, north side of SR 70
about 0.5 mile west of Spring Garden Overhead

Elevation: 3813 ft
Graeagle Weather Cam, in Graeagle
near junction of SR 89 & SR 70

Elevation: 4400 ft
Whitehawk Ranch in Clio on SR 89

Elevation: 4520 ft
Gold Mountain, just south of SR 70, west of Portola

Elevation: 5000 ft
Western Pacific Railroad Museum, in Portola on SR 70,
alternates between east and west views

Elevation: 4850 ft
Portola on SR 70

Elevation: 4920 ft
Doyle Cam, on the west side of US 395
two miles south of Doyle

Elevation: 4283 ft
Alta Sierra Estates, south of Grass Valley on SR 49, looking east

Elevation: 2100 ft
Nevada County Weather Cam, SW of Nevada City,
1 mile NW of SR 49 @ MP 183, looking NE

Elevation: 2810 ft
Nevada City Webcam, on SR 49 @ MP 186, looking north

Elevation: 2600 ft
Alleghany Weather Cam, 6 miles south of SR 49,
17 miles NE of Nevada City

Elevation: 4400 ft
Sierra City Webcam, on SR 49, looking east

Elevation: 4200 ft
Bassett's Station Webcam, on SR 49,
5 miles east of Sierra City, looking SW

Elevation: 5400 ft

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Page History:
January 2016 Original version with 22 camera views in 4 rows, split off from the northern extension of the Donner Summit WebCams page, with some cameras from the long-unmaintained Sierra Nevada Mountain WebCams page
Includes the option to show the last 24 hours of data from several regional California Cooperative Snow Surveys hourly telemetry sites below the webcams
Includes a script for the Pilot Peak site to convert the half-hourly "event" data into normal-looking hourly data columns, which was also used to convert other sites' precip "event" data into an hourly data column (it's unclear why the CDEC website can't simply copy the "event" data into the hourly data, it does so for some sites already but not others)
Later wrote a new external script to grab data from CDEC (such as the California Cooperative Snow Surveys telemetry sites), which downloads the data and formats it to match the style of the SNOTEL data, the script makes maintenance of these pages much easier by moving all CDEC telemetry code into a single location instead of separate code on each individual California Mountain WebCams page
Later expanded to 24 camera views in 5 rows, adding the KRCR-TV Chico SkyCam and the Butte County Public Works Snow Cam, and fixed the Bucks Lake webcam image which had moved to a new variable URL
February 2016 Major internal PHP code cleanup, updating and/or deleting legacy code left over from very long ago, from the Mount Rainier Paradise WebCams webpage (March 2009) on which all of these "Webcams + Telemetry Pages" are based, and even from the original Washington Mountain WebCams webpage (December 2004) on which the Rainier page was based
Added 9 more regional RAWS hourly telemetry sites which have precip, wind, solar, and other sensors (but not snowdepth), data from 7 of these sites are available on the CDEC website, the other 2 sites only via MesoWest
Also added 3 other CDEC telemetry sites which have precip and other sensors (but not snowdepth)
March 2016 Added the telemetry site atop the summit of Sutter Buttes volcano in the Central Valley, with data available from MesoWest
Fixed all Weather Underground camera URLs, which now apparently need "?time()" appended in order to update properly
December 2016Updated the URL for the Western Pacific Railroad Museum cam which is back online after a lengthy outage
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