This PHP script displays data for any SNOTEL site (plus SNOLITE, SCAN, and OTHER sites) using the new NRCS Report Generator tool. To view data for all sites in any state, use GetAllStateSNOTEL.php.
Data provided by NRCS National Water and Climate Center
PHP script by Amar Andalkar, March 2013   (current version 3.2.3 of 15 Dec 2016)

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Brown Top (1080) 5830 ft     48.93° N, 121.20° W     2009-September, active     . . . /sensorhistory?sitenum=1080     . . . /sensors?sitenum=1080&timeseries=Hourly     . . . /sensors?sitenum=1080&timeseries=Daily×eries=Daily&format=plot&sitenum=1080&interval=WATERYEAR,0/ . . .     . . . /view/customChartReport/hourly/1080:WA:SNTL/-23,0/ . . .,0/WTEQ::value,SNWD::value,PREC::value,TOBS::value,TMAX::value,TMIN::value, . . .
. . . TAVG::value,WSPDV::value,WSPDX::value,WDIRV::value,SRAD::value,SRADV::value,SRADX::value,RHUM::value,RHUMV::value,RHUMX::value,PRES::value,BATT::value,BATX::value

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