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Skiing the Cascade Volcanoes:
A Guide to Year-Round Ski &
Snowboard Mountaineering
on 28 Majestic Volcanoes
in the Pacific Northwest
Skiing the Pacific
Ring of Fire and Beyond:

Ski Mountaineering on the
Great Volcanoes of the World
(A preliminary version of a
250+ page online guidebook)
(Last updated: June 2013) (Last updated: July 2008) (Last updated: January 2006) (Last updated: November 2009)

Website News:

Occasional updates to this website continue to be made as of 2020, although not nearly as often as I would like to do. Work continues
on the full (non-website) version of my Skiing the Cascade Volcanoes guidebook, which has now been expanded slightly to include
a total of 32 Cascade volcanoes, adding several which were on the borderline for inclusion previously. I have skied or climbed over
200 routes on all 32 of these volcanoes, and have a total of over 350 summit ski descents on the Cascade volcanoes as of 2020.
I would like to ski more routes on several of these volcanoes, but otherwise the research for the book is largely completed. Finishing
the 360+ page, full-color, fully-typeset book is the major remaining task, followed by getting it printed and sending it out the door.

 Featured Pages:
SkiMountaineer WebCam

Seattle / Glacier Peak WebCam:   My own personal webcam has been in operation since 2001, with a
view looking across Lake Union and out to the Cascade Range.
NEW HD webcam installed November 2020   Arrow
Volcano WebCams around the Pacific Ring of Fire and Beyond:  
on skiable volcanoes around the Pacific Ring 
Live views of conditions
of Fire and worldwide
Cascade Volcano WebCams:   Live views of weather conditions throughout the Cascade Range
and on numerous other skiable volcanoes in North America
Cascade Snowfall and Snowdepth Interesting and useful data and plots, including
snowpack info and extensive historical records
Historical NWAC Snowdepth Plots and Paradise & Crater Lake Snowfall/Snowdepth Plots,
        with a custom plotting program to display data back to the 1916-17 season
Cascade Volcano Info Pages: Sortable Comparison Chart, Distance Calculator, and Sunrise / Sunset Calculator with Sun Charts
Conifers of the Cascade Range:  Info about native conifers, plus a separate page about cultivating Dwarf and Slow-Growing Conifers
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Site News & History:  Website history including recent updates
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Disclaimer Skiing, snowboarding, and mountaineering are inherently dangerous activities, and all of the trips and activities described on this web site carry the risk of serious injury or death. Anyone who is not an expert in skiing, snowboarding, and/or mountaineering should use an experienced, qualified guide or seek qualified instruction before engaging in any ski or snowboard mountaineering.
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