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A Guide to Year-Round Ski & Snowboard Mountaineering on 28 Majestic Volcanoes in the Pacific Northwest
Backcountry Skiing, Ski Mountaineering, Randonnee, Alpine Touring, Telemark, and Snowboarding in the Cascades
    Welcome to the first comprehensive ski mountaineering guidebook for the Cascade volcanoes of California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. The lengthy task of researching and writing this book began in the summer of 1999, and it remains a work in progress. I have compiled the information in this guidebook from many different sources, including published books and magazine articles, scientific journals, the World Wide Web, and my own personal experiences visiting each of the 28 included Cascade volcanoes. As of July 2005, I have skied or climbed over 150 different routes on all 28 of these volcanoes. Nevertheless, errors and outdated information may exist throughout the guidebook, and any use of this book implies acceptance of the disclaimer found at the bottom of this page. In particular, this online version is still quite incomplete and many pages have not been recently updated.
    Work also continues in parallel on a printed version of the guidebook for eventual publication (see the Preliminary Book Cover Design). The full-color PDF version of the printed book is currently over 300 pages in length, completely typeset and laid out, including photos and 24 large topo maps. I will be adding low-resolution versions of these topo maps to each of the volcano web pages listed below, but approach road info and detailed route descriptions will appear only in the written book. However, the web version will list every ski route included in the book (over 250 at last count) and will eventually have many more photos than can fit in the printed book. In December 2003, this section of the website was upgraded to use a MySQL database and PHP scripts to dynamically generate and serve the pages for each individual volcano. This long-awaited behind-the-scenes improvement should result in significantly easier updating of the content of the website. If you have skied any of these peaks and routes, I would appreciate your feedback regarding the content of this guide. My contact information can be found here.

Introduction to the Cascade Volcanoes:  Geography, climate, and history of skiing
Using this Guidebook: Symbols and Rating System:  Explanation of terms and rating system
LIVE: Cascade Volcano WebCams:  Current views of weather conditions throughout the Cascades and beyond
Bibliography of Guidebooks and References:  Skiing, mountaineering, and volcanology books
The Highest Volcanoes in the Cascade Range:  A list of over 50 of the highest volcanic peaks
UPDATED: Cascade Snowfall and Snowdepth:  Historical data and plots, plus info for the current 2005-2006 season
Ski Season Monthly Reference Chart:  Suggested optimal times of the year to ski each volcano
Conifers of the Cascade Range:  Information about native coniferous trees of the Cascades
NEW: Sortable Comparison Chart:  Compare significant characteristics of the Cascade volcanoes at a single glance
NEW: Distance Calculator:  Calculate the distance from any location on the globe to each of the Cascade volcanoes
NEW: Sunrise / Sunset Calculator:  Sunrise / sunset times plus solar charts covering the entire length of the Cascade Range

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Lassen Peak 10457 ft3187 m
Mount Shasta 14162 ft4317 m
Medicine Lake Volcano 7913 ft2412 m

Mount McLoughlin 9495 ft2894 m
Pelican Butte 8036 ft2449 m
Crater Lake (Mt Mazama) 8926 ft2721 m
Mount Bailey 8368 ft2551 m
Mount Thielsen 9182 ft2799 m
Diamond Peak 8744 ft2665 m
Newberry Volcano 7985 ft2434 m
Mount Bachelor 9065 ft2763 m
Broken Top 9175 ft2797 m
Three Sisters: South 10358 ft3157 m
Three Sisters: Middle 10047 ft3062 m
Three Sisters: North 10085 ft3074 m
Mount Washington 7794 ft2376 m
Three Fingered Jack 7841 ft2390 m
Mount Jefferson 10497 ft3199 m
Mount Hood 11239 ft3426 m

Mount Saint Helens 8365 ft2550 m
Mount Adams 12276 ft3742 m
Goat Rocks 8184 ft2494 m
Mount Rainier 14411 ft4392 m
Glacier Peak 10541 ft3213 m
Mount Baker 10781 ft3286 m

Mount Garibaldi 8787 ft2678 m
Mount Cayley 7854 ft2394 m
Mount Meager 8790 ft2679 m

Our litigious society forces me to add this DISCLAIMER:
    Skiing, snowboarding, and mountaineering are inherently dangerous activities, and all of the trips and activities described in this online guidebook carry the risk of serious injury or death. Anyone who is not an expert in skiing, snowboarding, and/or mountaineering should use an experienced, qualified guide or seek qualified instruction before engaging in any ski or snowboard mountaineering.
    This online guidebook is a compilation of information gathered from many different sources, including but not limited to the author's personal experience. The author can not guarantee the accuracy of any of the information in this guidebook, including route descriptions, ratings, and topographic maps. You should not depend on any information contained in this guidebook for your personal safety. Your safety depends on your own good judgment, based on experience and a realistic assessment of your skiing, snowboarding, and climbing ability as well as weather and route conditions. If you have any doubt as to your ability to safely ski, snowboard, or climb any route in this guidebook, do not attempt it. Your use of this online guidebook indicates your assumption of the risk that it may contain errors and is an acknowledgment of your own sole responsibility for your safety.

Table of Contents | Introduction | Ratings | WebCams | Bibliography | Highest Volcanoes | Snowfall & Snowdepth | Monthly Chart | Conifers | Compare | Distance | Sun Chart
Ski Mountaineering Photos & Trip Reports Equipment & Info Cascade Volcanoes Ring of Fire Site Map

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