Lassen Peak: Skiing the Northeast Face (June 99)
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Lassen Peak is the southernmost volcano in the Cascade Range, located in northern California halfway between Lake Tahoe and the Oregon border. Prior to Mount Saint Helens in 1980, Lassen was the last volcano in the continental U.S. to erupt, with a major series of eruptions starting in 1914 and continuing sporadically until 1921. Lassen is one of the largest plug domes in the world, a massive block of dacite lava extruded up from the shattered remains of the collapsed Mount Tehama stratovolcano. Although it receives heavy snowfall during the winter, Lassen's southern latitude and modest elevation prevent the formation of glaciers, with only a few small permanent snowfields lasting through the hot summers. The route up the Northeast Face goes through the Devastated Area (the path of a major pyroclastic flow during 1915, now recovering its tree cover) and follows steep snowfields in a direct line to the summit. The much gentler route on the south side is also skiable when the summer hiking trail is snow-covered.

This was the first peak on our week-long South Cascades ski odyssey during June 1999: ...
June 18: Lassen Peak June 19-20: Mount Shasta June 21: Mount McLoughlin
June 21-22: Crater Lake June 22: Mount Thielsen June 23: South Sister

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Trip Summary: Friday, June 18, 1999

Starting Elevation: 6446 ft (1965 m) Weather Conditions: Clear, moderate winds
Summit Elevation: 10457 ft (3187 m) Temperature: 50-80 F (10-25 C)
Roundtrip Distance: 8 miles (12 km) Visibility: Over 100 miles (160 km)
Total Skiable Vertical: 3750 ft (1150 m) Ski Conditions: Soft snow, with surface sluffs
This was a private trip, with a party of two (myself and Alex Cronin).
I skied on randonnee (alpine touring) gear, Alex skied on heavy-duty telemark gear.

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