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Bibliography: Cascade Volcano Books     (Updated January 2003)

This page contains an extensive annotated bibliography of skiing and mountaineering guidebooks, along with volcanology books and other references, covering all of the Cascade Range and many of its volcanoes. Books of regional scope are listed first, followed by those for each state or province. See my Ski Mountaineering Book Reviews page for numerous other books about ski and snowboard mountaineering, climbing, and avalanche and glacier safety.

This page now includes links to where you can see additional info about the books and buy them if you wish. Although several of the books listed below are unfortunately now out of print, note that can do searches for used books, and even the out of print books below have links to Amazon. If they can't find it, one of the best places to look for these used books is Powell's Books in Portland, Oregon. The most comprehensive online search engine is, which searches for both new and used books at numerous online stores and databases.

Sections: Regional | Washington | Oregon | California | British Columbia
Regional Skiing, Mountaineering, Volcanology, & Weather Books
Wild Snow: A Historical Guide to North American Ski Mountaineering
_ Louis W. Dawson; American Alpine Club, Golden, CO, 1997, 292 pp.     ( View this book at )
This polished-looking volume is a combination of historical narrative and guidebook. It gives a historical overview of ski mountaineering in each major region of North America, covering the most significant skiers and ascents. In addition, it highlights "54 selected classic routes" in guidebook style, ranging from expedition-type trips such as Denali and Mount Logan to day-trips such as Tuckerman Ravine. Includes trips on seven of the Cascade volcanoes, from Garibaldi to Shasta. The author has a website where you can find all of his guidebooks and lots of other useful info.
Climbing the Cascade Volcanoes  (formerly Summit Guide to the Cascade Volcanoes)
_ Jeff Smoot; Chockstone Press / Falcon Publishing, Helena, MT, 1999, 192 pp.     ( View this book at )
The standard guidebook, an excellent overview of the Cascade volcanoes, covering almost 20 of the major peaks. Includes most major routes on each mountain, although the descriptions are often quite brief. However, on several of the southern volcanoes which have easy trails to the top, all other routes have been omitted. Several fine Oregon volcanoes such as Bailey and Diamond have also been left out completely. The new edition changed the title and cover, but only minimally updated the text. Website info has been added for most areas.
Fire Mountains of the West: The Cascade and Mono Lake Volcanoes
_ Stephen L. Harris; Mountain Press, Missoula, MT, 1988, 392 pp.     ( View this book at )
An extensive guide for the layperson to the volcanology, glaciology, and eruptive history of the Cascade volcanoes. Has chapters devoted to each of the major peaks, with shorter sections covering the many lesser volcanic peaks throughout the range. No mention of skiing, but nevertheless makes a fascinating read for those interested in skiing the glaciated volcanoes which epitomize the Cascade Range. Extensive bibliography with hundreds of references.
Volcanoes of North America: United States and Canada     ( View this book at )
_ Edited by Charles A. Wood and Jurgen Kienle; Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, 1990, 362 pp.
A comprehensive, semi-technical guide to more than 250 volcanoes in the US and Canada, aimed at geologists but also accessible to the general public. This book provides the first and only full picture of the scope of volcanism in this part of the world over the last 5 million years. Useful descriptions of the volcano tectonics of each major region (Alaska, Canada, Western US, and Hawaii) are provided. Descriptions of each volcano are brief due to space considerations, ranging from a few sentences up to a couple of pages, and the dozens of volcanoes in the Cascade Range are covered in about 100 pages.
Volcanoes in America's National Parks
_ Robert and Barbara Decker; Odyssey Publications, Hong Kong, 2001, 256 pp.     ( View this book at )
A colorful overview of volcanoes in 20 of America's national parks and monuments, including 6 in the Cascade Range (Mount Rainier, Mount Saint Helens, Newberry, Crater Lake, Lava Beds, and Lassen). No hiking or skiing info, but lots of nice photos and interesting details about the featured volcanoes and parks.
Northwest Mountain Weather
_ Jeff Renner; The Mountaineers, Seattle, WA, 1992, 112 pp.     ( View this book at )
A comprehensive guide to understanding and forecasting the capricious weather of the Pacific Northwest. Covers precipitation and wind patterns in British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon, including the causes of the wide local variations in weather, and explains what determines snow and avalanche conditions. The last two chapters form a detailed manual of how to track the conditions and forecasts before a trip, and how to field forecast during a trip by careful observation of clouds, winds, and barometric pressure (using an altimeter).
Washington Skiing & Mountaineering Guidebooks
Cascade Alpine Guide   Fred Beckey; The Mountaineers, Seattle, WA

Vol 1: Columbia River to Stevens Pass; 3rd Ed., 2000, 352 pp.
Vol 2: Stevens Pass to Rainy Pass; 3rd Ed., 2003, 384 pp.
Vol 3: Rainy Pass to Frasier River, 2nd Ed., 1995, 416 pp.
    ( View this book at )
    ( View this book at )
    ( View this book at )

The encyclopedic guidebook and reference to the Washington Cascades, the "Beckey Bible" covers many thousands of routes on over a thousand peaks. It has extensive historical information on exploration and first ascents (and sometimes ski ascents and descents), along with explanations of Cascade geology. Comprehensive coverage of all Washington volcanoes, with 10-40 pages devoted to each one. Beckey has now finished revising and updating the first two volumes... the 3rd edition of volume 1 was published in 2000, and the 3rd edition of volume 2 will be available in February 2003.
100 Classic Backcountry Ski and Snowboard Routes in Washington
_ Rainer Burgdorfer; The Mountaineers, Seattle, WA, 1999, 240 pp.     ( View this book at )
The essential guidebook for ski mountaineering in Washington State, now revised and updated after many years. It covers 102 routes ranging from moderate to advanced, with fine maps and (usually) reliable directions for each. Along with dozens of shorter trips, the book covers summit ski routes on all of the Washington volcanoes except Rainier (there are a dozen other routes on Rainier included, though).
Backcountry Skiing in Washington's Cascades
_ Rainer Burgdorfer; The Mountaineers, Seattle, WA, 1986, 232 pp. (out of print)     ( View this book at )
The first edition of the previous book, under a different title. It covers 78 routes, including several which have been omitted from the new edition, and some peaks are done via different routes in the two editions. However, many of the route descriptions are unchanged between the two editions.
Selected Climbs in the Cascades   Jim Nelson & Peter Potterfield; The Mountaineers, Seattle, WA

Volume 1, 1993, 240 pp.     ( View this book at )
Volume 2, 2000, 336 pp.     ( View this book at )
A great guidebook to a wide variety of climbs, mainly challenging rock and ice in the North Cascades. The route and approach descriptions are very detailed and useful. Includes routes (some easy, some hard) on all of the Washington volcanoes plus Mount Hood. The new second volume includes several more glacier routes on Adams, Rainier, Glacier Peak, and Baker, many of which are viable steep ski descents, along with a new section on sport and crag climbs (last 1/3 of the book).
Mount Rainier: A Climbing Guide
_ Mike Gauthier; The Mountaineers, Seattle, WA, 1999, 192 pp.     ( View this book at )
Two fine climbing guides for Mt Rainier were published in 1999. This one is written by the lead climbing ranger at Mt Rainier National Park, using his vast experience (150+ ascents by 24 routes) and considerable photographic skill to illuminate the myriad route possibilities on Rainier. Includes useful and unconventional approach info. Clear listings of elevation gain, slope angles, etc., for each route. Although the author is an avid snowboarder who often boards from the summit, very little skiing or snowboarding related information is given. (See Gauthier's website for some of his photos.)
Climbing Mount Rainier: The Essential Guide
_ Fred Beckey & Alex Van Steen; AlpenBooks Press, Mukilteo, WA, 1999, 160 pp.     ( View this book at )
The other new Rainier guidebook in 1999 is written by the guidebook master himself, Beckey, along with a longtime guide from Rainier Mountaineering Inc. This book has forty pages less introductory info than the other book, and includes many more variations on the standard routes. Many interesting stories in the sidebars of the pages. It also includes several routes on Little Tahoma, which the previous book omits.
Adventure Guide to Mount Rainier
_ Jeff Smoot; Chockstone Press, Evergreen, CO, 1991, 172 pp.     ( View this book at )
This guidebook covers dozens of hiking, off-trail scrambling, and climbing routes throughout Mount Rainier National Park. Includes a chapter which (briefly) covers over thirty ski tours and descents in the park.
Mt. Rainier Glacier Travel Guide (Map)
_ Stanley Maps, 1998, 40x48 inches     ( View this book at )
This is much more than just a map, it's practically a guidebook in itself to three high-traverse routes which have been used to circumnavigate Rainier between 7000 and 11000 ft, on foot and skis. Contains almost 20 pages of route description, elevation diagrams, and aerial photos, along with a great shaded-relief 1:30,000 topographic map.
A Guide to Washington's South Cascades' Volcanic Landscapes
_ Marge & Ted Mueller; The Mountaineers, Seattle, WA, 1995, 224 pp.     ( View this book at )
A fascinating guide to hundreds of volcanic features in southern Washington, from Mount Rainier south to the Columbia River. The area abounds in cinder cones, lava flows, lava tube caves (some with fantastic ice formations), natural bridges, and volcanic outcrops. In addition to these lesser-known features, the book also covers the standard hiking routes on Mounts Adams and Saint Helens, and into the Goat Rocks.
Oregon Skiing & Mountaineering Guidebooks
Backcountry Ski! Oregon: Classic Descents for Skiers and Snowboarders, including Southwest Washington
_ Christopher van Tilburg; Sasquatch Books, Seattle, WA, 2001, 224 pp.     ( View this book at )
This new guidebook has detailed descriptions of 58 routes, including routes on 12 volcanoes in the Oregon Cascades. There are over 25 routes on Mount Hood alone, covering all sides of the mountain. Also includes several routes on Saint Helens and Adams, plus one on Rainier tossed in for good measure. Nice topographic maps are given for every route in the book.
Oregon Descents: A Backcountry Ski Guide to the Southern Cascades
_ David Waag; Free Heel Press, Portland, OR, 1997, 160 pp.     ( View this book at )
A fine self-published guidebook, with all layout and design done (quite professionally) by the author. Detailed descriptions for over 30 routes, all of which the author has skied. The book covers routes on nine Oregon volcanoes, including fourteen routes on Mount Hood. Also includes a few routes outside Oregon, such as on Shasta, Adams, Saint Helens, and Goat Rocks.
Oregon High: A Climbing Guide
_ Jeff Thomas; Keep Climbing Press, Portland, OR, 1991, 128 pp. (out of print)     ( View this book at )
A comprehensive guidebook to climbing routes on nine Oregon volcanoes from Hood south to Thielsen. Includes many routes on each of the peaks, although most of these are not necessarily good ski routes. The book has extensive historical info on first ascents and pioneering climbers, but only a few references to ski trips.
Cross Country Ski Routes, Oregon (Second Edition)
_ Klindt Vielbig; The Mountaineers, Seattle, WA, 1994, 384 pp.     ( View this book at )
An extensive guidebook mainly devoted to (as the title says) cross country ski tours, with many helpful sketch maps of the routes and approaches. Along with many flatter routes, several ski ascents / descents of interest to ski mountaineers have been included. This book contains the only ski-specific info in print for many of the Oregon volcanoes, such as Thielsen, Newberry, and Crater Lake. Unfortunately, although southern Washington has been included, southern Oregon (i.e. south of Crater Lake) has been omitted.
Southern Oregon Cross Country Ski Trails
_ John W. Lund, self-published, Klamath Falls, OR, 1987/1994, 224 pp. (available locally)     ( View this book at )
A somewhat dated but still useful cross country ski guide to southern Oregon, from Diamond Lake to the California border. It covers the areas which are missing from the Vielbig book above, with detailed step-by-step route descriptions including mileages. This is the only book with skiing info for the Mountain Lakes Wilderness (a large eroded volcano SW of Klamath Falls) and several other areas of southern Oregon, and the ski route descriptions for the Diamond Lake region (Bailey / Thielsen) and Crater Lake are more detailed than the Vielbig book.
Crater Lake National Park and Vicinity
_ Jeffrey P. Schaffer; Wilderness Press, Berkeley, CA, 1983 (with corrections 1986), 160 pp.     ( View this book at )
A natural history and hiking guide to Crater Lake and several nearby wilderness areas (Mt Thielsen, Sky Lakes, Mountain Lakes) in the southern Oregon Cascades. It covers roads, trails, and hikes on several volcanoes including Bailey, Thielsen, Crater Lake, Pelican Butte, and McLoughlin. and includes sections on the geology, botany, and zoology of the area. This book is getting a bit dated, but is still very useful and includes several trails which no longer appear on current maps. Includes 26 pages of 1:62,500 topo maps which cover Crater Lake and the nearby wilderness areas.
100 Hikes in Oregon (Second Edition)
_ Rhonda & George Ostertag; The Mountaineers, Seattle, WA, 2000, 352 pp.     ( View this book at )
A standard hiking guide from the popular "100 Hikes" series. Includes the normal trail routes to the summits of Mount Bailey, Mount McLoughlin, and Mount Scott (the highest remnant of Crater Lake's ancestral Mount Mazama).
California Skiing & Mountaineering Guidebooks
50 Classic Ski and Snowboard Summits in California
_ Paul Richins, Jr.; The Mountaineers, Seattle, WA, 1999, 240 pp.     ( View this book at )
An excellent guidebook for ski mountaineering in California, covering almost all of the interesting mountain areas of the state (except the White Mountains). Clear and detailed route descriptions, along with many fine excerpts from historical writings about the peaks. Includes several routes on Shasta and Lassen. The author has a nice skiing/climbing website.
The Mt. Shasta Book (Second Edition)
_ Andy Selters & Michael Zanger; Wilderness Press, Berkeley, CA 2001, 176 pp.     ( View this book at )
A great book which covers over 20 climbing routes and variations on Shasta and Shastina. Includes a chapter with detailed skiing info for many of these climbing routes. The new second edition of this book has been somewhat revised, with new shaded-relief maps generated using TOPO software. The book comes with a full-size 1:24,000 shaded-relief topo map which combines portions of two USGS 7.5" maps to show Shasta in its entirety, with all climbing and skiing routes marked.
Ski Tours in Lassen Volcanic National Park
_ Marcus Libkind; Bittersweet Publishing, Livermore, CA, 1989, 128 pp.     ( View this book at )
Covers 44 tours in Lassen Park, mostly easy cross country tours, but including several fine ski descents. Summit routes are included for Lassen Peak and also for Brokeoff Mtn, the highest remnant of the ancient, eroded Mt Tehama stratovolcano. Becoming dated, but still very useful.
Lassen Volcanic National Park and Vicinity
_ Jeffrey P. Schaffer; Wilderness Press, Berkeley, CA, 1986 (with corrections 1996), 224 pp.     ( View this book at )
A natural history and hiking guide to Lassen and several nearby wilderness areas. Extensive sections on geology, botany, and zoology of the area, along with descriptions of hundreds of trails and hikes. Comes with a nice double-sided 1:62,500 topo map which covers Lassen National Park and the nearby wilderness areas.
British Columbia Skiing & Mountaineering Guidebooks
Exploring the Coast Mountains on Skis (Second Edition)
_ John Baldwin, self-published, Vancouver, BC, 1994, 256 pp.     ( View this book at )
This guidebook covers hundreds of peaks and tours throughout the relatively more accessible southern and central portions of the Coast Mountains. The range is vast and poorly explored, and the book covers many remote multi-day expeditionary ascents and traverses. However, there is also plenty of information about shorter ski tours and ski ascents / descents on and near the three Canadian "Cascade" volcanoes, Mounts Garibaldi, Cayley, and Meager.
A Guide to Climbing and Hiking in Southwestern British Columbia
_ Bruce Fairley; Gordon Soules Publishing, Vancouver, BC, 1986 (5th printing, 1999), 404 pp.     ( View this book at )
An exhaustive reference to hundreds of peaks and routes in southwestern BC. Concise route descriptions, with good annotated route photos. Usually covers several routes even on the more remote and less travelled peaks. Road information is becoming outdated in many cases due to rapid construction and destruction of logging roads in southwestern BC.

If you know of any other useful guidebooks for skiing the Cascades volcanoes, please contact me with suggestions. In Association with
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