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Monthly Reference Chart

    This chart gives a general guide as to which time of year might be best for skiing various routes on the Cascade volcanoes. The strongest influence affecting these dates is the depth of the snowpack, which can vary year to year from as little as a half to as much as double the "normal" values. This can shorten or extend the skiable season by several months, so be sure to check my Cascade Snowfall and Snowdepth page for current snowdepth info throughout the Cascade Range from northern California to southwestern British Columbia. In addition, it is often the case during spring that the ski conditions might be fine on a route, but the roads accessing the trailhead may still be snowed in or blocked by fallen trees or washouts. This can turn otherwise simple trips into brutal struggles and memorable (mis)adventures, so it is best to get current road closure info from the nearest ranger station or from the website of the relevant National Park or Forest if available (these links are listed near the end of the page for each peak, and also on my Web Links page).
    Most importantly, one should check the avalanche bulletins and track recent weather trends. Many of these routes may have severe avalanche danger at various times, especially during the winter and early spring. Even though spring is the prime season for ski mountaineering, despite generally reduced avalanche risk it is statistically the most dangerous time of year for avalanche fatalities, due to increased carelessness. In late spring and summer, the avalanche hazard is generally greatest during the hot afternoons, so it is best to make an early ski descent (and corn snow is much better to ski than glop). Various useful avalanche links can be found on my Web Links page.

Key to this chart:

Optimal months, assuming normal snowpack

Marginal months, could be good or even great with above normal snowpack

Skiable months, but roads to the trailhead are likely to be snow-covered for a long distance

Unlikely to be continuously skiable in an average year; however, on most of these routes
  snow patches do linger well into or even throughout the summer, so short runs may still be possible

This chart is still UNDER CONSTRUCTION...   Not all routes are listed here yet, but I am gradually updating it.
If any of the months listed for the routes below seem incorrect, please contact me with suggestions or corrections.

California . JanFebMar AprMayJun JulAugSep OctNovDec
Lassen Peak South / Southeast Face

Northeast Face (from Emigrant Pass)

North Ridge

West Face (via Manzanita Creek)

Summit Traverse

Brokeoff Mountain

Mount Diller / Southwest Ridge

Mount Shasta Avalanche Gulch (via Thumb Rock)

Avalanche Gulch (Left of Heart)

Cascade Gulch to Whitney Glacier

West Face Gully

Whitney Glacier

Whitney-Bolam Ridge

Bolam Glacier from Bolam Creek

Bolam Glacier from North Gate

Hotlum-Bolam Ridge

Hotlum Glacier

Hotlum-Wintun Ridge

Wintun Glacier

Wintun Ridge

Clear Creek

Lower Avalanche Gulch

Old Ski Bowl

Sun Bowl / Powder Bowl

Cascade Gulch to Shastina Summit

Diller Canyon

Medicine Lake Volcano Mount Hoffman

Little Mount Hoffman

Glass Mountain


Oregon . JanFebMar AprMayJun JulAugSep OctNovDec
Mount McLoughlin East Ridge

Northeast Bowls

Southeast Face

Southwest Face

Northwest Ridge / North Bowls

Pelican Butte NE Ridge / Bowls (from Westside Road)

Northeast Bowls (from Summit Road)

Crater Lake Circumnavigation

Mount Scott

Garfield & Applegate Peaks

Dutton Ridge

The Watchman & Hillman Peak

Mount Thielsen Southwest Bowl

Northwest Bowl

North Bowl

Mount Bailey East Face

Diamond Peak West Face

Newberry Volcano Paulina Peak

Mount Bachelor Ski Area

Broken Top Crook Glacier

Three Sisters Three Sisters Traverse

    North Sister Southeast Ridge / Face

    Middle Sister Southeast Ridge

    South Sister South Ridge

Prouty Glacier

Mount Washington Northwest Bowl

Three Fingered Jack Northeast Cirque

Mount Jefferson Jefferson Park Glacier

Mount Hood Palmer Snowfield

South Side Summit

Cooper Spur

Washington . JanFebMar AprMayJun JulAugSep OctNovDec
Mount St Helens Worm Flows

Monitor Ridge

Butte Camp

Mount Adams South Rib

Southwest Chutes

Goat Rocks Old Snowy Mtn

Mt Curtis Gilbert

Mount Rainier Emmons Glacier

DC / Ingraham Glacier

Fuhrer Finger

Tahoma Glacier

Muir Snowfield

Paradise Glacier

Lower Nisqually Glacier

Flett / Russell Glaciers


Glacier Peak Sitkum Glacier

Gerdine Ridge

White Chuck - Suiattle Traverse

Mount Baker Easton Glacier

Coleman-Deming Glacier

Boulder Glacier

British Columbia . JanFebMar AprMayJun JulAugSep OctNovDec
Mount Garibaldi Northeast Face

Névé Traverse

Mount Cayley Northeast Face

Mount Meager Northwest Ridge

Table of Contents | Introduction | Ratings | WebCams | Bibliography | Highest Volcanoes | Snowfall & Snowdepth | Monthly Chart | Conifers
Ski Mountaineering Photos & Trip Reports Equipment & Info Cascade Volcanoes Ring of Fire Site Map

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