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North America

This section is divided into three regions, with a map and introductory information for each:
Alaska & Northwest Canada, Western United States & Canada and Mexico & Central America.

Alaska & Northwest Canada: Regional Map and Introduction

Mount Vsevidof
Kiska Volcano 4004 ft1220 m Alaska (Aleutian Islands) 52.1° N177.6° E
Mount Gareloi 5160 ft1573 m Alaska (Aleutian Islands) 51.8° N178.8° W
Tanaga Volcano 5925 ft1806 m Alaska (Aleutian Islands) 51.9° N178.1° W
Kanaga Volcano 4287 ft1307 m Alaska (Aleutian Islands) 51.9° N177.1° W
Mount Moffett 3924 ft1196 m Alaska (Aleutian Islands) 51.9° N176.7° W
Great Sitkin 5710 ft1740 m Alaska (Aleutian Islands) 52.1° N176.1° W
Korovin Volcano 5030 ft1533 m Alaska (Aleutian Islands) 52.4° N174.2° W
Carlisle Volcano 5315 ft1620 m Alaska (Aleutian Islands) 52.9° N170.1° W
Mount Cleveland 5675 ft1730 m Alaska (Aleutian Islands) 52.8° N169.9° W

Shishaldin Volcano
Mount Vsevidof 7050 ft2149 m Alaska (Aleutian Islands) 53.1° N168.7° W
Mount Recheshnoi 6510 ft1984 m Alaska (Aleutian Islands) 53.2° N168.5° W
Makushin Volcano 5905 ft1800 m Alaska (Aleutian Islands) 53.9° N166.9° W
Shishaldin Volcano 9372 ft2857 m Alaska (Aleutian Islands) 54.8° N164.0° W
Isanotski Peaks 8025 ft2446 m Alaska (Aleutian Islands) 54.8° N163.7° W
Pavlof & Pavlof Sister 8261 ft2518 m Alaska 55.4° N161.9° W
Mount Veniaminof 8225 ft2507 m Alaska 56.2° N159.4° W
Mount Chiginagak 7287 ft2221 m Alaska 57.1° N157.0° W
Mount Peulik 4835 ft1474 m Alaska 57.8° N156.4° W

Redoubt Volcano
Mount Mageik 7103 ft2165 m Alaska 58.2° N155.3° W
Mount Griggs 7602 ft2317 m Alaska 58.4° N155.1° W
Mount Katmai 6716 ft2047 m Alaska 58.3° N155.0° W
Mount Douglas 7005 ft2135 m Alaska 58.9° N153.5° W
Augustine Volcano 4108 ft1252 m Alaska 59.4° N153.4° W
Iliamna Volcano 10016 ft3053 m Alaska 60.0° N153.1° W
Redoubt Volcano 10198 ft3108 m Alaska 60.5° N152.7° W
Mount Spurr 11070 ft3374 m Alaska 61.3° N152.3° W
Denali (Mt McKinley) 20320 ft6194 m Alaska 63.1° N151.0° W

Mount Sanford
Mount Drum 12010 ft3661 m Alaska 62.1° N144.6° W
Mount Sanford 16237 ft4949 m Alaska 62.2° N144.1° W
Mount Wrangell 14163 ft4317 m Alaska 62.0° N144.0° W
Mount Blackburn 16390 ft4996 m Alaska 61.7° N143.4° W
Mount Bona 16421 ft5005 m Alaska 61.4° N141.8° W
Mount Churchill 15638 ft4766 m Alaska 61.4° N141.7° W
Mount Saint Elias 18008 ft5489 m Alaska / Yukon 60.3° N140.9° W
Mount Logan 19534 ft5954 m Yukon 60.6° N140.4° W
Mount Fairweather 15320 ft4669 m Alaska / British Columbia 58.9° N137.5° W
Mount Edgecumbe 3201 ft976 m Alaska 57.1° N135.8° W
Hoodoo Mountain 5971 ft1820 m British Columbia 56.8° N131.3° W
Mount Edziza 9144 ft2787 m British Columbia 57.7° N130.6° W

Western United States & Canada: Regional Map and Introduction

Crater Lake

Cascade Volcanoes

    The volcanoes of the Cascade Range in California, Oregon, Washington, and
    British Columbia were previously listed in this section. They have now been moved
    to a separate guidebook section of their own, Skiing the Cascade Volcanoes.

Mount Waddington
Rainbow Range 8130 ft2478 m British Columbia 52.7° N125.8° W
Ilgachuz Range 7901 ft2408 m British Columbia 52.8° N125.3° W
Itcha Range 7768 ft2368 m British Columbia 52.7° N124.8° W
Silverthrone Mountain 9400 ft2860 m British Columbia 51.4° N126.3° W
Mount Waddington 13186 ft4019 m British Columbia 51.4° N125.3° W
Mount Munday 11046 ft3367 m British Columbia 51.3° N125.2° W
Yellowstone Caldera 10308 ft3142 m Wyoming 44.4° N110.7° W
Craters of the Moon 6515 ft1986 m Idaho 43.4° N113.5° W
Mammoth Mountain 11053 ft3369 m California 37.6° N119.0° W

Mammoth Mountain
Mount Williamson 14375 ft4381 m California 36.7° N118.3° W
Mount Whitney 14494 ft4418 m California 36.6° N118.3° W
Humphreys Peak 12633 ft3851 m Arizona 35.3° N111.7° W
Mount Baldy 11420 ft3481 m Arizona 33.9° N109.6° W
Mount Taylor 11301 ft3445 m New Mexico 35.2° N107.6° W
Valles Caldera 11561 ft3524 m New Mexico 35.9° N106.6° W

Mexico & Central America: Regional Map and Introduction

Nevado de Colima 14240 ft4340 m Mexico 19.6° N103.6° W
Nevado de Toluca 15390 ft4690 m Mexico 19.1° N99.8° W
Iztaccihuatl 17160 ft5230 m Mexico 19.2° N98.6° W
Popocatepetl 17930 ft5465 m Mexico 19.0° N98.6° W
La Malinche 14636 ft4461 m Mexico 19.2° N98.0° W
Cofre de Perote 14408 ft4282 m Mexico 19.5° N97.2° W
Pico de Orizaba 18410 ft5611 m Mexico 19.0° N97.3° W
Sierra Negra 15030 ft4580 m Mexico 18.9° N97.4° W
Volcán Tajumulco 13846 ft4220 m Guatemala 15.0° N91.9° W

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